60% of Ghanaian female celebs are ‘glorified prostitutes’ – Ola Michael

60% of Ghanaian female celebs are ‘glorified prostitutes’ – Ola Michael

Michael Ola1

Ola Michael


Movie producer and entertainment critic, Ola Michael, has delivered a damning assessment of some Ghanaian female celebrities in the entertainment industry.

He said, behind the extravagant lifestyles of many Ghanaian celebrities are ladies who sell sex to keep their public appearances.

Ola Michael made these comments while speaking on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM with George Quaye on Saturday.

He also admitted that he previously pimped or served as a middle man for some of the female celebrities and rich men suitors.

According to him, more than half of the female celebs in Ghana have become “glorified prostitutes” because the Ghanaian creative industry is no longer paying well.

He said most of these celebs frequently travel to Nigeria and the Middle East, particularly Dubai, to satisfy the sexual pleasures of wealthy Arab men and African businessmen to be able to buy expensive cars, clothes, and other luxuries.

“There is a problem…it is very important that we make sure people get to understand the truth behind what they do,” Ola Michael said.

“Actors are not making that much money for them to be buying all those expensive stuff that they show off on social media…the acting job is not supposed to be that platform where you sell yourself, let me say digital prostitution,” he added.

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