Kwaku Bonsam storms church to collect juju from pastor

Kwaku Bonsam storms church to collect juju from pastor

Kwaku Bonsam Exposed

Kwaku Bonsam


Popular fetish priest Kwaku Bonsam has caused a stir on social media with a video of him storming a church to collect his ‘juju’ from a pastor.

In the video seen by which is trending on social media, Bonsam is seen very angry as he stormed the church.

There was church service ongoing, and so members of the church who heard the commotion outside, came out to see what was going on.

As he entered the church building, the pastor was heard by pleading with Bonsam to calm down so they could talk about the matter privately saying in the Akan language: “Nana, it’s OK. Please come in here and let’s talk”.

He was also trying to usher him into a room so that they could speak but Bonsam was adamant, and kept shouting on top of his voice.

The church members were seen gathered in groups, perhaps, trying to assimilate what was happening around them.

Bonsam’s visit followed his rants on radio that he would embark on an exercise to retrieve all of his juju from some pastors.

He disclosed that over 1,600 pastors were using his ‘juju’ to operate big and successful churches, but many of them were not doing the right thing.

According to Kwaku Bonsam, his gods were angry and had directed him to retrieve all the ‘juju’ or else he would die.

The pastor whose church was stormed in Kumasi confessed to taking a juju from Bonsam after a colleague pastor introduced him to the fetish priest.

However, the juju Bonsam gave to him never worked, so he returned it only for Bonsam to reject it and encouraged him to take it back.

The pastor added that he gave the ‘juju’ to another fetish priest to make it more powerful for him.

Perhaps, it is because of this the gods of Kwaku Bonsam are angry and directed him to go retrieve it.

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