Lady desperate to lose weight for boyfriend suffers stroke after taking pills

Lady desperate to lose weight for boyfriend suffers stroke after taking pills

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The story of a Nigerian lady who made herself sick in a bid to please her demanding boyfriend has been shared on social media.

The lady’s sad story was shared on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

It was reported that the young lady got herself ill after she took harmful pills to lose weight.

The lady’s boyfriend had reportedly been complaining about her weight.

In her desperation, the lady found a way out to please her boyfriend and started taking some pills to lose weight.

According to the Twitter user identified as, Naija Brand Chick, who shared her story, the pills the young lady was taking gave her high blood pressure which led to her having a stroke.

Naija Brand Chick revealed that the lady’s boyfriend has now left her and moved on. She also added that the lady is just in her early 20s.

Meanwhile, had earlier reported the story of a lady who thanked God for restoring her sense after boyfriend dumped her.

The lady recounted how she used to take care of her ex-boyfriend, only for him to leave her for another.

She explained that she used to visit the market everyday just so she could prepare fresh meals for her boyfriend at the time.


Just heard a heartbreaking story: Lady was so desperate to lose weight because her boyfriend had been complaining. She bought some pills which shot up her blood pressure and she now has a stroke!
Did I mention she is in her early 20s?
Yea her BF has moved on. Pls let’s be guided

2611:19 AM – Aug 13, 2019

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