Kome is a community in the Anloga district of the Volta Region and comprises the following towns: Atito, Deta, Kodzi, Fiaxor, Alakple and Latame.

The roads from Kome junction to Alakple was the only portion tarred during the period when the late Torgbui Kporku, the Dufia of Alakple died and was buried some years ago and has also developed several deep pot holes now which make transportation very difficult and not easily accessible to the communities.

The portion of that stretch of road from Atito through Deta, Kodzi and to Alakple is in a very deplorable state. That portion has never seen a bitumen before. The graveled portion of that stretch had developed deep pot holes and corrugated to the extent that drivers find it difficult to ply that part of the road and this is seriously affecting economic activities in the area as most inhabitants are fishermen and the women who are mostly traders, find it difficult to access the nearest market centres in Anloga, Keta and Dabala to sell their produce.

Information gathered revealed that the construction of the road was done in phases. The first phase was started before the sudden demise of Togbi Kporku.

The first phase started from Kome junction to Genui junction in 2014/2015.

The second also commenced from Genui junction to Alakple.

In fact,the MP, Hon Clement Kofi Humado, who is also an indegene from the area played a major role in the construction of the road.

He has written several letters to the then road Minister, Hon. Inusah Fuseni on the economic and social importance of the road to the inhabitants of Kome.

Regarding the poor communication network in the area, the MP again started something on this long ago. According to sources, he has written to the Communication ministry requesting for a mono tower which the Ministry was erecting for small communities across the country in partnership with Huawei company.
The ministry gave an assurance.

Subsequently, a team of engineers came to the area for (TSS) Telecommunication sector survey and left.

The team later returned afterwards for site mapping and survey which assurance they gave as the last stage of the process.

A copy of one of the letters written to the communication ministry by the MP is hereby added for reference and the site plan of the supposed location for erection of the telecommunication mast at Alakple which will serve the whole communities in the Kome area.

As a matter of urgency, the government through the Anloga District Assembly should do something in the interim and also a long term solution must be found to allay the sufferings of the people in the various communities mentioned.

This has also affected health delivery system in the area as the only health facility, KOTOKA MEMORIAL HEALTH CENTRE located at Kodzi is not being well utilized due to the poor nature of the roads linking the communities and this has to the situation where many patients are not accessing the facility and most of them result to self medications which have some die consequences and sometimes becomes fatal.

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