Akufo Addo firm with his position on Sexuality Education

Akufo Addo firm with his position on Sexuality Education

The President of the republic of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo believes very much of the culture and the values of the country and in no way will he deviate from them. If our memories should serves us right, the president in his inaugural speech in the year 2016 reiterated of been magnanimous irrespective of the individual or groups involved in any situation.

Ghana is strictly a religious country, and religion is one of the Achilles of the country, whatever the issue is, our religion is involved and it’s mostly the deciding factor in our country, pastors have accepted the building of a national cathedral but are against the comprehensive sexuality education because of the threats it posess to the total wellbeing of children in the country.

The President speaking at the St George’s Catholic Cathedral in Koforidua where he joined hundreds of Christians to worship, the President stated categorically that he understands the values of the Ghanaian society and would not attempt to destroy it.

He said he had taken notice of the pleas of the various religious bodies and would act accordingly giving the firm assurance that he would not deviate from the tradition, culture and values of society”.

Notwithstanding the President’s commitment in maintaining the values and morals of the society, it is high time Political parties and religious leaders of the country engage in critical thinking to find long lasting solutions to the inhumane treatment meted out to the women, children, disabled and marginalized in the society.

Our continent is still endemic compared to developed countries and sexuality education could help in children identifying and reporting adults and persons who abuses them and can be partly be a solution to curtailing the unending ordeals young children suffer in the hands of abusive adults in the country and its best if we find a way of introducing the sexuality education considering and emphasizing on our values, morals and religion.

By Festus Mawuli


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